Jose Mourinho’s Hilarious Reaction To Man City’s Champions League Ban

Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola before the match.

Reuters / Darren Staples

Man City have been banned from the Champions League for two seasons along with a heavy fine of £25 million.

The Mancunians reportedly commited serious breaches in financial fair-play, and now it’s understood that the Premier League is preparing their own investigation into this particular case.

Meanwhile, raising curiosity amongst the English League supporters, Jose Mourinho recently joked about the possibility of Man Utd being awarded the 2017/18 Premier League title.

The Special One’s side had finished 19 points below their Mancunian counterpart in the earlier mentioned season.

After Tottenham’s 3-2 win over Aston Villa, the Portuguese manager stated: “I have to ask if the team that finished second in 2018 is going to be champions. Yes or no? That would be interesting but joking apart, I just wait calmly. Fourth or fifth, I just think about doing the best we can. The more points we can get the better position we can get. At the end of the season we’ll see where we are. If we are sixth or seventh, then it doesn’t matter if the fifth goes to Champions League.

“From what I got is that UEFA punish them but they have the chance to appeal. I think until the appeal finishes, Manchester City have the benefit of the doubt. In the end of the process we will see if they are punished or not.

The former Chelsea boss further added: “There is a big fight. You could see yesterday Liverpool, first against the last, you could see today Villa fighting to stay in the division and us fighting for top position, how difficult is is. This is the Premier League. So when we speak about the fifth spot, I think for sure Wolves, Sheffield United, Man United, Arsenal, Everton, everyone looks to the table and week after week they say we can do it and they can. It’s going to be very hard.”