Twitter Reacts To Anthony Martial’s Incredible Chip Over Watford Goalkeeper

REUTERS/Chris Radburn

Manchester United secured a convincing 3-0 win over Watford on Sunday, moving up to the likely all-important fifth spot on the Premier League table.

The game was a prolific one for the Red Devils who, despite a shaky early first half in the face of a Watford side that did not hold much back, managed a great run of goals.

It was Bruno Fernandes who first broke the deadlock, winning a convincing penalty which was later slotted home calmly by him to make it 1-0. Watford did score minutes later but VAR ruled it out, citing handball in the buildup.

While the penalty kick was certainly picturesque, it didn’t hold much to the absolute spectacle that was Anthony Martial’s goal to make it 2-0 in the second half with Mason Greenwood’s explosive finish adding to the scoreline.


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The Frenchman was put in a tight spot once he had succeeded in luring keeper Ben Foster out of the comfort of his goalpost. While Martial was expected to pass to one of his teammates who were in a more assured goal-scoring spot, he instead elected to etch a memorable highlight.

The dink from the former Monaco man was an absolute wonder, even though the forward made it look easy. Needless to say, United have their goal of the month covered and perhaps the Premier League too.

Twitter was certainly fawning all over the beauty and rightly so.

Interestingly, the potential offside call for the goal nearly botched the full effect but Martial will certainly relish it.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer recently touted the Frenchman to score over 20 goals for the Red Devils this campaign and with 3 goals in 3 games across all competitions, Martial’s season tally of 15 certainly looks promising now.