United Fans Will Love Comments Of Bruno Fernandes’ Former Manager

Sporting's Bruno Fernandes celebrates scoring their first goal.

REUTERS/Heino Kalis

If it weren’t for the likes of Kevin de Bruyne, Manchester United supporters would’ve started hailing Bruno Fernandes as the best midfielder in the Premier League. And given how briskly the Portuguese adapted to the extreme environment of English football, the proposition is quite reasonable to an extent.

The 25-year-old has been involved in more Premier League goals than any other player since his initial match in the prestigious red kit a month back.

The creative midfielder has always had an eye on goal even back when he was operating in Sporting’s midfield. His vision and playmaking skills have virtually filled all the holes left behind by the absence of some key figures in the midfield since the final months of 2019.

On Sunday, the star imprinted his trademark at Goodison Park as well with his signature goal from outside the box.


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The attacker’s former coach Silas has revealed how he used to practise such shots over and over again. The Portuguese tactician also believes the player is only going to get better at Old Trafford.

“Was there any doubt that Bruno Fernandes was going to arrive at Manchester United and be what he is? He will do more,” the Sporting Lisbon head coach told the Record (via SportWitness).

“Imagine in a few months, when he is more integrated. I saw him training every day, honestly, I’ve never seen a player like Bruno, who spent an hour practicing shots after training. I had to say ‘Bruno, that’s enough’.

“When he goes to a team like that, which is also good, it’s normal. He’s very outgoing, can adapt easily.”