Twitter Reacts To Brilliant Counter Attacking Goal From Manchester United

Manchester United's Bruno Fernandes in action.

REUTERS/Andrew Yates

Manchester United are arguably in their best form since Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has taken over the reins of the club.

While the Red Devils are on a great run of unbeaten games, Tuesday night’s excellent Premier League game against Brighton and Hove Albion set up a completely different precedent.

At the time of writing this article, United were exceptionally dominating the away fixture, leading 3-0 with a brace from Bruno Fernandes following Mason Greenwood’s opener.

While the side was oozing with confidence throughout the fixture, their most memorable moment came in the build-up to Fernandes’ second goal.

The second half had commenced with Brighton electing to step up to the challenge, having made two attacking substitutions.

That is precisely what Solskjaer’s men took advantage of, penning what is arguably the finest counter attacking goal of the Norwegian’s tenure as gaffer.

From Nemanja Matic’s long pass after winning the ball back to Mason Greenwood’s cool assist to Fernandes, the goal was peak United. Supporters of the club practically raided twitter as they expressed their joy over the goal.


With that goal, Fernandes secured his impressive tally of having never tasted defeat in a United shirt and the fact that the night’s performance came after a hectic 120 minutes away at Norwich in the FA Cup is even more exceptional.

United will be savoring that goal for quite a while and the more optimistic ones amongst them will be hoping that such spells of play slowly become the new normal for the Mancunian giants.