Fred Is Man Utd’s Most Reliable Midfielder In Big Games

Manchester United's Fred.

Reuters/Andrew Boyers

In a game where the opposition had more possession of the ball, Man Utd had to focus more on interceptions or getting their feet back on the ball which turned out to be the key to their massive win against RB Leipzig in the Champions League fixture last night.

Accordingly, one of the major assets of the Red Devils who contributed to regaining possession in the midfield happens to be Fred. The robust midfielder operated at his peak again, further showcasing consistent reliable performances in big games for the English side.

Totalling to 72 touches, the 27-year-old registered excellent defensive stats last night, with 3 interceptions, 3 clearances and 2 tackles. On the offense, the star made 12 final third passes and took two shots.

Offering a reliable option to Ole Gunnar Solskjær, the Brazilian has always proved to be the man for the job with the game against PSG being a recent example. When tracked back, he was also vital in the win against the same French opposition in the Norwegian manager’s first season at Old Trafford.

Demonstrating decent form against Premier League giants like Liverpool and Man City last season, it’s no wonder why Solskjær was pushed to start him during their recent clash with Chelsea in the domestic competition.

The talisman’s career at Old Trafford started back in June 2018, when he was signed for £47 million from Shakhtar Donetsk. It’s also fair to agree on the fact that he has had shortcomings since then, sometimes when pushed to unsuitable roles. However, the star has always had perfect company around him in the midfield who nullified his mistakes whilst making the most of his fruitful efforts as well.

Nevertheless, with the seemingly inexhaustive energy Fred has been showcasing, it’s only natural for the club manager to opt the talisman more often than not in the upcoming games which are significant.