Bruno Fernandes Masterclass On Twitter On April Fool’s Day

Manchester United's Bruno Fernandes celebrates scoring their third goal.

Pool via REUTERS/Nick Potts

The 1st of April is a pretty dodgy day, considering one has to question if something is serious or not constantly throughout the day in anticipation of potential pranks. And this year Bruno Fernandes emerged with an unsuspecting wind-up.

The Portuguese international took to Twitter in what seemed like an attempt to engage with his fans and the footballing community. With a picture of himself attached, Fernandes proposed a Q&A session in his tweet.

See the tweet below:

Clearly, there is nothing suspicious about the tweet on the surface (nor beneath it, to be frank), so unsuspecting Twitter users flooded the midfielder’s replies with their questions. This included many official Twitter accounts who had their own queries.

However, even over 6 hours later, the Portuguese hasn’t answered even a single question. In fact, he didn’t seem to have been active on the social media platform since sending that tweet. This left fans confused — after all, Q&A sessions barely last an hour in general. Well, turns out it was all very likely a ruse.

After hours of absence, Twitter users seem to have figured out the real reason behind the playmaker’s disappearance. Many believe that it was all a part of the former Sporting man’s April Fools’ prank to propose a Q&A session and never taking part in it. And as time passes without a question being answered, this seems to be the most likely explanation.

And if a wind-up was truly the 26-year-old’s intention, he’s clearly been successful as Rio Ferdinand, Amazon Prime Video Sport, BT Sport, Premier League and many more official accounts fell for the prank along with over 10,800 others who replied to the tweet. The attacking midfielder is certainly winning on and off the pitch by the looks of it.


Turns out Fernandes never intended the post to be an April Fools’ prank but was actually just busy spending time with this family. The ex-Sampdoria man returned to Twitter to answer the questions left for him.