Harry Maguire Did Something At the Euros That Has Not Been Done In FORTY Years

Harry Maguire celebrates after the match.

REUTERS/Catherine Ivill

It is almost a given that the Euros announced Harry Maguire’s dominance on the European stage. A staunch defender ever since his Leicester City stint itself, the centre-back often received flak since moving to Manchester United for the most expensive fee ever paid for a defender.

However, the recent outing with England, back from a rare episode of injury, arguably displayed what the centre-back is capable of.

In particular, the tournament that took the side painfully close to the title only for a penalty shoot-out defeat at the hands of Italy, saw Maguire make the optimum use of his head.

While the ball-carrying defender did his best to score headers, he was also impactful in another crucial facet.

The much touted figure is that Maguire won a whopping 84% of his aerial duels. While on its own this feat is incredible, what makes it even more prominent is the reality that no other player has managed to do so in all of the recorded history of the Euros since 1980. (via OptaJoe)

Further still, when broken down, the fact illustrates that Maguire won 21 of his 25 attempted duels, which is further impressive.

Thus, the competition clearly demonstrated just how the United captain is a prized asset. Now, it is crucial for Ole Gunnar Solskjær to further capitalize on his skillset.

If recent reports are to be believed, the alleged pursuit for Real Madrid’s Raphael Varane to pair the 28-year-old at the back may just be the way to go.