‘Lack Of Understanding’ – Ronaldo And Greenwood Not Passing To Each Other

Reuters/Carl Recine

Cristiano Ronaldo and Mason Greenwood are enjoying an impressive start to the season, but they are reportedly not working well together.

The Englishman is one of the brightest youngsters in Europe currently, so pairing him next to a world-beater like Ronaldo should result in a deadly attack. But an ESPN source close to the club has revealed that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is struggling to synergize the duo convincingly.

According to the report, the pair do not pass to each other during games because of a lack of understanding between them. It is said that members of the squad have also taken notice of the issue and believe there needs to be a change implemented to fix it.

Few of the senior players believe they need more tactical guidance from the gaffer and his coaching staff.

Furthermore, the former Real Madrid man is also growing frustrated with the youngster’s decision-making.

A change of personnel might just be what the team needs to turn this around. Dropping the Portuguese international for Edinson Cavani or replacing the 20-year-old with Jadon Sancho might work.

Manchester United’s recent run of games has exposed a lot of Solskjaer’s flaws, which if not resolved will result in him losing his job in the near future.

Many amongst the squad believe he relies too much on his ‘favourite players’, which seems to be a fair observation. Despite the team’s continued shortcomings, the Norwegian employs the same approach every single week as if he has no plan-B.

It would be a shame if the Mancunians failed to have a functioning offensive system despite having quality forwards at their disposal.