When Will Manchester United Consider Sacking Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer before the match.

REUTERS/Andrew Yates

Manchester United are not considering sacking Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as of yet. However, that could change if things continue the way they have so far this season.

According to ESPN, the Norwegian’s job is not under threat just yet despite United’s loss against Manchester City at home last weekend. Solskjaer is said to have spoken with club vice-chairman Ed Woodward who did not signal a dismissal incoming.

Nevertheless, after losing six out of his previous 12 games in charge, the former United forward is undeniably under a lot of pressure. The Mancunians reportedly prefer keeping the former Cardiff City boss at the helm at least till the end of the season.

However, that could change should a scenario emerge wherein the Red Devil’s place in the Champions League is threatened. The club seem to be in no rush to make a decision under pressure but are prepared to pull the plug if they see no way back.

Solskjaer’s side sit at the top of their Champions League group and look comfortable so far despite the narrow escapes in recent outings.

Meanwhile, both Norwich City and Aston Villa have parted ways with their respective head coaches as the international break rolled in, giving them enough time to find a replacement.

The Old Trafford outfit may not get a better opportunity to follow suit as in the scenario the 48-year-old does get sacked later on, his replacement will face a much more difficult job.

On the other hand, options on the market are not exactly the most appealing as of now. With Antonio Conte signing with Tottenham Hotspur last week, the last of high-profile managers are occupied. If bringing in an adequate gaffer is not a guarantee, then it is probably wise to wait and analyse how things turn out.