‘We’re over the moon’ Wayne Rooney Announces Birth Of Son Kit Joseph Rooney

Wayne Rooney and his wife Coleen have both announced on social media the birth of their son, Kit Joseph Rooney.

The 30-year-old’s wife Coleen gave birth to Kit Joseph Rooney on Sunday, with Rooney and Coleen announcing his arrival on social media.

“Our gorgeous little boy arrived today. Kit Joseph Rooney. 8lb 1oz. We are over the moon,” he wrote.

Rooney now has three sons, with Kit’s birth following that of two-year-old Klay, and eldest son Kai, now six.



The exciting news comes after Coleen recently admitted that pregnancy hadn’t been treating her too badly.

“It’s been an OK pregnancy actually,” she admitted. “Although I’m ready for it to end now.

“I’ve been really lucky with pregnancies so far; with the others I never suffered from morning sickness or anything like that.”


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