WATCH: Insane Footage From Inside The Attacked Man United Bus


This video, taken by Jesse Lingard, shows the Manchester United players cowering around the team coach as it was attacked, outside the Boleyn Ground.

In the video, Lingard can be seen shouting “Oh s***, oh f***. Oh mummy. Oh mummy!”

Following their 3-2 comeback win, West Ham said in a statement: “It was an extraordinary night full of extraordinary moments in front of extraordinary fans, 99% of whom behaved impeccably and were a credit to the club.

“We have already had thousands of tweets and emails from fans to say how proud they were to be a part of such a special evening in West Ham’s history.

“However, we are aware that there were some supporters outside the Boleyn Ground who didn’t act in an appropriate way when the Manchester United team bus was damaged.

“That was not acceptable and we will work with the police to identify those responsible and ban them for life.”

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