Pep Guardiola Gives First Manchester City Press Conference

Manchester City boss, Pep Guardiola, gave his first press conference as a Manchester City manager this Friday.

The Spanish manager was asked to answer a range of questions. Here are some of the replies Pep gave to the media’s questions:

When asked about Manchester City’s potential transfer targets, Guardiola replied:

“This is not the right place to explain about the new players out of respect to the players and the other clubs. You will discover in time what our target is and what we want for the next season. We will try and move the squad a bit.”

Pep Guardiola is said to be pursuing Juventus’ defender Leonardo Bonucci, and it has also been reported that John Stones is keen to join the Citizens.

Guardiola also spoke about his new club in the interview. He said that should the team not play well, then “it is not the facilities that are the reason why.”

The reporters also asked Pep about the renewal of his rivalry with Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho, to which he replied:

“I don’t see it as a question. He wants to win, I want to win, we know each other pretty well from before at Barcelona.

“I think Jose said pretty well in his press conference – it’s not about him or about me.”

“We are focused between each other. The other one is going to win. What I saw from a distance it’s no matter the team, it’s so tough win the games here.

“I will improve myself, I’m pretty sure of that. We played many times against each other, only I can say like a coach.”

The pair worked together at Barcelona, under Dutch manager Louis Van Gaal. They will both be looking to prove their worth, with both their teams currently performing below their best.

Pep Guardiola continued to talk about the wealth of top class managers in the Premier League, and is relishing the opportunity to be working in the same league as them.

“I think it’s great that top managers are here, big managers take me as a manager to a different level. Competing with them takes me to another level, they push you to win things like the Champions League.

“I think at every stage I’ve had a big challenge. It could be the biggest because City hasn’t won as many titles as Barca or Bayern, but I can’t answer. The challenge is trying your best to prove yourself.”

“The big coaches, Jose is one them, help me reach another level. My experience against him, against Jürgen Klopp at Dortmund, Thomas Tuchel [at Dortmund] and a lot of managers in Spain and England, they’ve made me better. Of course, all the managers in the world want to win and here we are going to try to win as well.

“It’s going to be interesting. Conte is a master tactician, I think he’s a great signing for Chelsea. It’s going to be very interesting competing against him. Claudio Ranieri [at Leicester City] too. [Ronald] Koeman [at Everton] as well. It’s hard to say how it’s going to pan out.”


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