Mourinho Dicusses Mata And Pogba Situations

Jose Mourinho revealed in an interview with the Shanghai press that Juan Mata will stay at the club. He also went on to say that should the Pogba deal not materialize, the club has alternatives.

The Red Devils have been looking to sign Paul Pogba for the past month, with the club already agreeing to Juventus’ record-breaking asking price of €120 million, according to reports.

It was believed that Manchester United were close to completing the deal, but Pogba’s agent (Mino Raiola) posted an update on Twitter, which read: “There is no deal done regarding Paul Pogba, lots of bla bla bla.”

The EPSN report that Jose Mourinho has got alternatives should the Pogba move not be completed. ESPN state that Jose will seek Blaise Matuidi and Nemanja Matic if they fail to sign Paul Pogba, although the deal is most likely to materialize.

This is what Jose Mourinho said when he was asked about the Paul Pogba situation:

“You have smoke, you have fire – you used to say something like that, right?” Mourinho started.

“I am not going to try to make you naive and believe that we are not trying for one player.

“But we know first of all that the player belongs to another club, which is not a small club. It is also a big club, a club with economic power to fight for their best players, to try and keep their best players.”

The Portuguese manager also spoke about United’s Spanish midfielder, Juan Mata, whose future has been subject to a lot of speculation after the arrival of Jose. He mentioned in the interview that Juan Mata has space in the squad, as long as he is willing to fight for his spot.

“I want players who want to stay. So we sold Juan [from Chelsea] but I think since the first day here everything is clear between us. There is space for him. He’s a talented player,” Mourinho said.

“I don’t promise places to anyone but I promise respect and I like him so if he wants to stay – and I think he wants to because up till this moment I have not had one little sign that he wants to leave – then, yes, he can be of use to the club.”


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