Premier League Officials Discuss Winter Break Policy

Richard Scudamore, a Premier League executive, is supposedly open to talks of having a winter break for the Premier League players.

Calls were made by new England coach, Sam Allardyce, to introduce a winter break in order to let the players rest during the festive season.

Allardyce used his first press conference as England manager to put out his point.

“It would help the Premier League and us at international level if we could achieve that,” he stated. “January and February is always the most difficult time to get players through.”

Richard Scudamore also made a statement to Sky Sports regarding the plans to have a winter break.

“We are not against it, a winter break. We are in discussions with the FA and Football League, it’s an integrated calendar,” Richard explained.

“I don’t know how close or near or far we are because I wouldn’t want to compromise those negotiations, but if the three bodies come up with a solution we then have to road test that with the clubs, the fans and everything else.

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“There is a willingness to try and make it happen but I can’t put anything like a time scale on it. I think if it was easy it would have been done already.”

Should the Premier League adopt this new policy, it would bring a whole new dimension to the game. Most Premier League titles are won or lost in that latter half of the season.

A break would give players time to rest and heal injuries, meaning that we could see a completely different outcome. Although the Premier League still is exciting enough already – as we experienced with surprise winners Leicester City last season.

However, it is unlikely that a break will be put into place this season. The on-going talks would mean that Premier League clubs will be looking forward to a new policy during the 2017/18 season.


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