Cristiano Ronaldo Responds To Mourinho’s Criticism

Cristiano Ronaldo used Instagram to respond to Jose Mourinho, who criticized him for his last minute cheering during the Euro 2016 final.

Jose Mourinho spoke with a Portuguese news outlet, stating that Cristiano Ronaldo’s last-minute cheering and managing during the Euro 2016 final didn’t make any difference to the team’s performance.

“Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t help in any way by doing that in the final few minutes of the Euros final,” Mourinho told SporTV.

“There were 11 players on the pitch doing their job, and the person in charge of directing them was the coach.

“I saw it as an overload of emotion from someone who saw that the team was just minutes away from achieving an objective which everyone wanted.

“He lost a little emotional control, not that that’s a bad thing, but what my experience tells me is that it is in these moments, when important decisions might need to be made, that the players are lost in their own little worlds.”

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Cristiano Ronaldo has since responded to the criticism via social media site, Instagram. The Real Madrid winger posted a picture of him and his Portuguese teammates celebrating the Euro 2016 triumph on the pitch while holding the Euro 2016 trophy.

He captioned it: “Quick reminder”.

Within the first 24 hours, the picture was liked by over one million people. This shows just how large Ronaldo’s fan base is.

Mourinho did not have a perfect relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo during their time together at Real Madrid, and it seems that Mourinho hasn’t made it any better with his statement.

Cristiano Ronaldo is currently on holiday in the United States, and is expected to arrive in Madrid shortly. The 31-year-old suffered an ACL injury during the final of the Euro 2016, which will rule him out of Real Madrid’s first few matches of the season.


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