Zlatan Ibrahimović: No One Can Reject Manchester United

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has revealed that he could not reject Manchester United, and he believes that no other player could ever deny such a club.

Manchester United have flexed their powers in the transfer market this season. United have already made a world record signing, as well as secured the signature of possibly the biggest name in football, Zlatan Ibrahimović.

Zlatan recently mentioned in an interview with Sky Sports that he could not reject an offer from Manchester United, although Jose Mourinho also played a part in attracting the Swedish attacker.

“I don’t believe there is anybody who could say no to a club like Manchester United,” Zlatan stated.

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“It’s all about winning. It’s about coming and winning and making Manchester United shine again.”

Ibrahimović has already proved crucial to the team, by scoring the FA Community Shield winning goal against Leicester City. Zlatan’s presence alone is already a significant addition to the group, mentoring the youngsters and bringing in his winning mentality.

“I can do a lot for the young players,” the 34-year-old said.

“I see Rashford as a huge talent, I have been here two weeks and I also saw him last season. I get to see him live every day now; he is the future of England.”

Zlatan also mentioned that he is excited by the prospect of partnering up with Manchester United’s captain, Wayne Rooney.

Rooney would assume a deeper role compared to Zlatan, but not in midfield, as Mourinho has already revealed. Instead, the Englishman will probably play as a second striker, and provide Zlatan with all the assists.

“I think it will work very well [partnership with Rooney],” said the Swede. “The more time we spend on the pitch together, the more we get to know each other.”

The former PSG man also took the time to mention that he is not “arrogant” as he is usually portrayed. He instead insisted that he is a “family guy” but revealed that he is a different man on the pitch.

“I’m a family guy. I don’t believe I’m arrogant in the way that people think. I’m confident. I believe in myself,” Zlatan explained.

“That’s not being arrogant. That’s something I believe is an individual strength in the human being.”


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