World Cup Winner Linked With Celtic FC

SkyBet have labelled Celtic with 8/1 odds of signing Bastian Schweinsteiger from Manchester United.

Bastian Schweinsteiger is believed to be high on Jose Mourinho’s list of redundant players. The 32-year-old failed to make a major impact during his debut season, and consequently faces the axe from Jose.

Mourinho is currently in the middle of remodeling his squad, and it is clear that he has no intention of keeping Schweinsteiger.

According to the Manchester Evening News, Schweinsteiger was instructed to train with the reserves – a strong sign that indicates Bastian will leave this summer.

Schweinsteiger is still in Manchester, as most clubs have refrained from signing the German Champion due to his high wage requirements.

However, Celtic have emerged as surprise candidates to sign Bastian, after SkyBet placed 8/1 odds for Schweinsteiger to join the Scottish Premiership side.

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SkyBet suggests that Bastian will most likely return to the German Bundesliga – where he spent 13 years with Bayern Munich. Odds have been placed at 13/8 for a return to his former club, Bayern Munich.

Other odds mentioned by SkyBet include 4/1 for a move to Schalke, and a 6/1 chance of Basti joining the MLS.

Another interesting find is that Bastian has been listed as more likely to rejoin Bayern Munich rather than remain at Manchester United.

Louis Van Gaal was the man who bought Bastian Schweinsteiger for £6.5 million in 2015, with the hope of his knowledge and expertise rubbing off on Manchester United’s youth players. Louis’ plan did work, but only to a certain extent.

Bastian’s performances were hindered by injuries, and the German was subsequently demoted to the U21 squad.

And now, following the signing of Paul Pogba, there is a very unlikely chance that Bastian could fight his way back into the first team, despite Mourinho mentioning during one of his first interviews that he was keen on giving everyone a chance in the first team.


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