Real Madrid ‘Hurt’ For Failing To Sign Pogba, Reveals Guillem Balague


Real Madrid have ended up being “hurt” after losing Paul Pogba to Manchester United, trusted Sky Sports journalist Guillem Balague has revealed.

Paul Pogba was easily the most wanted, as well as the most talked about player in the current summer transfer window, with two of the biggest clubs in world football, viz. Real Madrid and Manchester United, going head-to-head to secure his services.

However, with Juventus trying everything they possible could to hold on to their star man, it was clear that only a gigantic amount of money would convince the reigning Italian Champions to sell the Frenchman.

And as it turned out, the price tag Juve slammed on the 23-year-old did discourage Real Madrid, but wasn’t enough to stop the Red Devils, and Manchester United ended up buying their young prodigy back for a record-breaking €105 million.

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Upon the completion of Pogba’s move to the Theatre of Dreams, Real Madrid claimed a stance wherein they refused to have ever really been in the pursuit for the France international’s signature.

However, reliable journalist Guillem Balague has now called the reigning European Champions’ bluff, and has further revealed that Real have been giving ‘nonsense’ reasons simply due to the fact that they are ‘hurt’ for being completely outperformed by Manchester United.

Balague stated: “Let’s not mince our words here; Real Madrid wanted Paul Pogba to join them from Juventus so much, it almost hurt. In the end, they were blown out of the water by a Manchester United side prepared to offer so much more at every level of the negotiation, a club who trumped them every step of the way.

“The sniffy stance taken by Real Madrid that this was ‘crazy’ money and something they were going to walk away from suggests that what we have here is a club and a President that has never done deals that involved ‘crazy’ money. Stuff and nonsense. The fact is they couldn’t compete with United. Period.

“Little wonder that Zinedine Zidane is talking up the return of Alvaro Morata – who quite honestly would probably pay to play for the club – and Marco Asensio, back from a loan spell at Espanyol.”


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