Liverpool Fans Outrage As Michael Owen Picks Rivals As Premier League Favourites

Former Liverpool striker Michael Owen has been the target of a massive amount of rage from Liverpool fans after he predicted that Manchester United will win the Premier League this season.

Michael Owen praised the United squad and their performance in the two wins this season with a series of tweets.

After Manchester United’s 2-0 win over Southampton, where Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored both the goals, Owen said that the team looked good on paper as well as on the pitch, and added that United’s latest signing Paul Pogba was class.

Michael Owen started his Liverpool career when he was 12 years old. He signed up for the Liverpool academy after ignoring approaches from Manchester United and Arsenal.

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Owen celebrated his seventeenth birthday by signing a professional contract with Liverpool, and he went on to spend 8 seasons at the club, scoring 158 times in 297 appearances.

He signed for Real Madrid in the summer of 2004. After an underwhelming season at Madrid, he returned to the Premier League, joining Newcastle United.

After spending three years at Newcastle, he signed for Manchester United. This angered a lot of Liverpool fans, who viewed him as one of their legends.

Owen scored 17 goals in 52 appearances for the Red Devils, with his most famous goal being the one scored in the sixth minute of stoppage time against local rivals Manchester City.

Owen’s prediction of United winning the league wasn’t taken kindly, as he was mercilessly mocked and abused by Liverpool fans.

He later said that Liverpool have a good chance of winning the English Premier League title too.


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