De Gea Cleared Of Sexual Assault Allegations

Shortly before the beginning of the Euros, allegations of sexual assault began surfacing in Spain. The apparent perpetrators being Munain, David De Gea, and an unknown player who went by the name Torbe.

This incident is said to have taken place in 2012, when the players were playing for the Spain U21 team.

With rumours of the Manchester United goalkeeper being sent home being spread, David De Gea furiously denied the allegations in a press conference before Spain’s first game, and announced that he hasn’t been sent home, and will play in the Euros.

De Gea was rumoured to have set up a prostitute’s meeting with Iker Munain and Torb, which he denied by stating: “I am surprised by this, I deny it, and that’s it. It’s a lie, false.”

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According to recent reports emerging from Spain, the United goalkeeper has been declared innocent, as the case was closed due to a lack of evidence.

The woman has been called unreliable in reports, as she only provided names in her second statement to the Spanish authorities, and it looked like an attempt to cash-in on the player’s fame. Further evidence reveals that she exchanged positive messages with the accused days after the alleged sexual assault took place.

She went on to sell her story to local Spanish publications, where she labelled the incident as a consensual orgy void of violence or threats.

As a result the case has been closed and the names of the players have been cleared. With the allegations off their heads, they can now focus on performing for their clubs.


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