Former Arsenal Midfielder ‘Prays’ For Zlatan To Win The League

Former Arsenal and Everton man Anders Limpar is hoping that Manchester United’s summer signing Zlatan Ibrahimović can lead United to the Premier League title.

Limpar, who was dubbed “the Super Swede,” played for the Gunners from 1990 to 1994 and helped them win the 1991 First Division title.

After leaving Arsenal in 1994, he joined Everton for another three years, helping them to an FA Cup title.

In 1994, he also helped his nation finish third in the World Cup, which took place in the United States.

Limpar is obviously fond of Zlatan Ibrahimović, who is often called the Giant Swede, and is arguably one of the best footballers ever.

Zlatan completed a move to the Red Devils this summer, after his contract with Paris Saint-Germain had expired.

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He has featured in all of Manchester United’s three Premier League matches this season, scoring a total of three goals in the process.

Anders Limpar believes that Zlatan has carried on the nickname of the Super Swede, and he hopes that the 34-year-old can lead Mourinho’s refreshed team to the Premier League title.

“Zlatan is definitely the super Swede nowadays,” he told The Guardian.

“I just pray to God that he will win the Premier League. There are not many who have won in Spain, in Italy, in England and the rest.

“I met him twice and he is the sweetest guy you could ever meet. He is awesome in that sense. His image is his image but all I can say is that behind that image he has a good heart.

“For Sweden, he has been the bees knees. He has been everything for us this last 10 years. He has been the greatest ambassador we could have.

“In every era, you have players who are lifting their club up, which Zlatan is doing now. You need that. United have the greatest character you could ever have.”


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