PSG In Dispute With Ibrahimović Over Bonus Payments

The French Champions are currently holding on to a final bonus payment which is meant to be paid out to Zlatan Ibrahimović, but the deal is held up as there is a disagreement between both parties.

Zlatan Ibrahimović moved to Manchester United this summer after he refused a contract extension to stay in the French capital.

However, Swedish newspapers report that Zlatan is yet to receive his bonus from PSG, as the player and the club are currently facing a few disputes.

The club then informed a newspaper in France that they are still waiting for a few documents from the player in order to release his final payment.

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“The club has always respected its commitments. Forty-eight months of wages have been paid on time,” the club statement said. “We are now waiting for a document the player is contractually obliged to provide us with to release final bonus payment.”

The player himself is yet to make a statement on the matter, but his legal representatives are prepared to handle the case in court.

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Last week, SFR Sport asked the Giant Swede what he missed most about his former club PSG, to which Zlatan jokingly replied: “I miss my salary from PSG. That’s what I miss.”

At the time, the comment was taken as one of the Zlatan’s classic press responses, but there could be a link to the unpaid bonus from PSG.

Little is known about the cause of the dispute. However, it is believed that PSG are holding back the payments as Zlatan may have broken a ‘loyalty’ clause in his contract with the French side.

The clause implies that Zlatan would be eligible for a final bonus payment if his contract expires while he is still a PSG player. However, the 34-year-old revealed his plans of joining Manchester United on the exact day of his contract expiry with PSG – 30th June 2016.


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