Mascot Dabs Before City’s Champions League Clash With Celtic

The dab has become one of the most popular dance moves of the current generation. Every season seems to bring along a crazy new celebration with it, and the dab is just that.

Paul Pogba and Jesse Lingard are two regular high-profile dabbers, using the move every time they find the back of the net for Manchester United. The last thing you’d expect, though, would be to see mascots following the trend.

Many mascots have done several cheeky things in the past, making the most of their few moments of fame with the world watching. And one particular mascot became an internet sensation after he pulled off a brilliant dab ahead of City’s Champions League clash with Celtic.

Almost every player dreams of playing in the Champions League and listening to the infamous anthem ring in their ears on the pitch rather than at home on TV, and this young lad, clearly unfazed by the entire situation, took the dab to a whole new level.

While the cameras rolled on by the teams at Celtic Park, it reached the kid in front of David Silva, who timed his move to perfection.

As expected, the kid achieved legendary status on  Twitter, with the social media site going into meltdown over its new ‘hero’. Without a doubt, this would make for great story telling when he grows up to have kids of his own someday.


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