€60m-Rated Nelson Semedo In The Spotlight In This Weekend’s Lisbon Derby

REUTERS / Rafael Marchante

Nelson Semedo, the young right back from Benfica, might just be getting ready to give his performance of a lifetime this weekend, when his side face rivals Sporting in the upcoming Lisbon Derby, as he is aware of the fact that it might just bring him closer to a move to the Theatre of Dreams.

With Portuguese newspaper Record claiming that Mourinho’s spies will be present at the at the Estadio Da Luz, scouting players like they have so often this season, the player will be looking to bring his A game against his rivals.

Not only Manchester United, but Bayern Munich scouts will also reportedly be present, and the right back will be looking forward to give a performance that grabs attention and opens doors to moves one only dreams of.

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As fans would be aware, Manchester United have been heavily linked with Benfica defender Victor Lindelof, but this weekend, things might take a turn, and young Semedo will have a chance to place himself under the spotlight.

Reports from the English media are taken in Portugal as a confirmation of their own claims. In order to back up their info, Record also mentions the news of Mourinho sending his agents to scout for players during the Derby.

However, despite not talking about scouts, O Jogo too took an interest in this matter, and took an article from ESPN to claim how Manchester United and Nelson Semedo are not ideal for each other.

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Semedo’s story has become a bigger one as compared to Victor’s, due to the claims made by the Portuguese Press, which suggest that the young starlet’s released fee has been increased from €60m to a whopping €80m.

Rival match, football’s biggest clubs to impress and the attention of the world, Nelson sure is in for a weekend that can change his footballing life forever.


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