Vertonghen Hails Mourinho Ahead Of Clash With The Red Devils

Mauricio Pochettino shakes hands with Jan Vertonghen

Reuters / Dylan Martinez

As Manchester United prepare to welcome Tottenham Hotspur to Old Trafford this weekend, the away side’s centre back, Jan Vertonghen, has been full of praise for United manager Jose Mourinho.

The Belgian went ahead and voiced his opinion on the Portuguese boss, and how the game of football is good with his presence in it.

Jan was quoted saying: “He is a great coach first of all, and he has done great things with different teams.

“He is a good manager and says things in the media. Does that wind me up? Not really. It’s part of the job and he plays it the way he wants to.”

The defender also went ahead and added how Mourinho’s character is colourful, and the game of football would be poorer without such people. He called him a good coach, something which football needs.

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Mourinho has never been out of the news or talks of opposition players and managers during his three stints in the Premier League. However,  most of the previous incidents have been far more controversial than Jan’s recent comments.

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When questioned whether he would one day like to play under Mourinho, the centre back subtly denied answering it, and made no further comments after having claimed that Pochettino is his current boss, and that’s what he will focus on.

This Sunday, sixth-place United will be looking to beat fifth-placed Tottenham as the battle for the top 4 intensifies and heats up. The match will be a feisty affair and should provide for entertainment, action, and respect.


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