Mourinho Won’t Stop Players Who Wish To Leave In January

Reuters / Lee Smith

Jose Mourinho has claimed he would never stand in the way of a player who wished to leave the club he is managing.

If the deal was right, Mourinho would not object a deal if a player wanted to leave Manchester United, despite wishing to keep his squad intact until the end of the season.

Mourinho was questioned about the reports by the British Media regarding a few players and their exits, such as Morgan Schneiderlin and Memphis Depay, who have not been regularly featuring under Mourinho.

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To this, the Portuguese manager replied: ” I am always open to listen to offers for every player. More than listen to offers, I am always ready to listen to the players themselves.”

He further went on to say that he wouldn’t even stop a rival club from taking the player away, if that’s what the player desires.

“When Mata left Chelsea to come to Manchester United, in my mentality, no problem at all. I am always open,” the current Manchester United manager added.

Manchester United are currently sixth in the table, and face West Brom this weekend.

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Finishing his statements, Mourinho said it was unlikely he would ask a player to leave during the current campaign.

“Sometimes in matches – and matches is the place where the evaluation is real – you get disappointed with a performance,” he stated.

“But in training, the professionalism and the way they do it, I can only say good things about everyone.”

“I am happy with the squad I have. I would like my squad to be my squad until the end of the season and I am not going to any player to say, ‘You are going to leave’ because I am not happy, because I don’t want to have him.”

Whether Mourinho decides to edit his squad and give players their freedom, or focuses on the titles and goes unchanged till the end of the season, is an exciting prospect to look forward to.


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