Marcelo Goes All Out On Instagram, Pulls Out The F-Word

Real Madrid's Marcelo celebrates his first goal.

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Every person has a saturation point and when it comes to being a player for the biggest team on the planet surrounded with millions of fans and constant pressure and scrutiny, that point comes soon and crossing it might bring out unwanted consequences.

Such has been the story of Real Madrid‘s Marcelo’s weekend as the player left a pretty harsh and blunt comment on his Instagram post targeted towards his fans and those commenting rubbish in bulk. As fate would have it, Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo share the same birth date and Marcelo, being Ronaldo’s teammate, is a close friend of the Portuguese, but also shares a healthy friendship with club’s fierce rival Barcelona‘s and Brazil’s attacker, Neymar (his national compatriot).

On their birthday, Marcelo took to Instagram as he uploaded a photo wishing Neymar for the same and this act was not taken too kindly by the supporters. The Real Madrid fans blasted Marcelo for not wishing Ronaldo before him and the intensity of the remarks was pretty brutal due to the fact that Neymar is a Barca man, Real Madrid’s arch rivals.

The fans can be said, went out of line as they left comments calling Marcelo names and things and posting weird photos trying to create an unwanted tiff between Ronaldo and the Left Back.

After a certain number of comments, the Left Back decided to step in and give an answer to such fans by commenting: “Shut the F*** up Idiots”.


marcelo birthday 2

Marcelo might be right in his intention of not letting a rivalry come in the way of friendship but his approach and usage of words might bring a tough few days for him and the next match at the Bernabeu might bring about a reaction that won’t please the player.

You would not normally see players throwing F-bombs at their own fans because they had wished someone a happy birthday.

Fair decision?

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