Wenger Dismisses Exit Talks, Claims He’s Still Not Ready To Rest

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger before the match.

Reuters / Matthew Childs

Arsene Wenger has denied Ian Wright’s claim that he dropped hint on his potential exit this summer, insisting he is “not ready” to rest yet.

Wright recently fueled speculation surrounding Wenger’s possible departure from the Emirates after the end of the season by saying the manager had told him “that he’s coming to the end” when the two were attending a Q&A event for the club’s Diamond Club members on Thursday night.

Wright also stated Wenger seemed tired and like “he has lost all his wind” after Arsenal’s defeats to Watford and Chelsea piled up more pressure on the Frenchman.

But after Arsenal beat Hull 2-0 on Saturday to get back on track, Wenger said Wright had the wrong impression.

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“I could be tired because I get up early in the morning, and I finish late at night. So sometimes I’m tired, yes, but I didn’t give any indication about my future,” Wenger said. “I appreciate very much that you want me to rest absolutely, but I’m not ready for that.”

The 67-year-old also claimed there was no one-on-one conversation with Wright that evening.

“No, it was a question and answers with members of the Diamond Club, so there were many people there,” he said. “We had a little dinner before, but it was not the two of us, it was four or five.”

Wright earlier told BBC Radio Five Live that the evening had given him a strong indication that Wenger would step down when his contract ends after this season.

“I was with him for a few hours last night and we’re talking. He didn’t say to me ‘I’m leaving at the end of the season’ but … I get the impression looking at him that that’s it,” Wright said. “He actually mentioned when I was talking to him last night that he’s coming to the end. I’ve never heard him say that.”


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