Why Is Football Good For You?

Reuters / Jason Cairnduff

What is life without sport and what is sport without football?

One of the best, if not the greatest sports in the world is what every person should be following and involving themselves with. It is more than a game once you’re a part of it and there’s no getting out.

Once you start supporting a team, you become a part of it.  It has it’s lows of defeat and the highest of highs with it’s victories. Friends turn into foes and you try your best to communicate with your television sets hoping someone on the other side will hear you out.

Playing the sport is no different. It keeps you active, alive and fresh. It brings in you competitiveness, the will to win and the chance to wear jerseys of the clubs and players you adore.

Being a part of a fan club teaches you friendly banter, the meaning of rivalry and the knowledge of international football really does improve your geography.

Celebrations after scoring a goal bring out how creative you can be, hiding your innocence after conceding a cheeky foul can teach you how to carry a good poker face and passing the ball to a team mate who’s on a hat trick instead of scoring it yourself can show you happiness that exists in sharing.

You find players who you look upto who turn into idols who turn into gods you worship. Your passion becomes non understandable for those who do not follow the game but does that really matter when you’re singing the anthem on the top of your voice?

Football is what connects the world with commonness and pride and brings together all ages and genders to support what makes their hearts happy. It’s an escape we deserve everyday and it’s one nobody deserves to miss out on.

Football is life, football is love and true is the one who said, the happiest feeling in the world is probably playing football in the rains.

Mat football rain happiness into our lives forever and we’ll always be thankful for such a sport.


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