How Is Football A Dangerous Game?

Paramedics carry Atletico Madrid's Fernando Torres on a stretcher to a waiting ambulance after he suffered a head injury during the match.

REUTERS/Miguel Vidal

It might be the best sport in the world without a doubt but like everything that exists, even the sport of football has it’s pros and cons.

Despite there not being many reasons, here are a few which determine why football is a dangerous sport:

1. Unwanted rivalry

Be it playing on the field or supporting teams from halfway around the world, football brings out a sense of oneness
with particular teams and the performances they put up affect us in ways unimaginable.

Such passion leads to bitter rivalries among the fans and opponents which sometimes goes over the top and ends up with friends turning into foes, fights because of actions of others and unwanted cursed banter.

2. Injuries

Like many other sports, football also has it’s list of injuries that can damage the physical condition of the professionals involved for a long period of time. From hamstrings to ligament tears to dislocated joints of the body, a professional footballer is no more than a step away from crucial harmful injuries while playing the game.

Dreadful clashes of heads can result in long term brain damages due to lack of protection while shoes with steel spiked souls can cause unreal damage and pain if badly timed tackles come flying in.

Concussions and torn ACL are common and lethal injuries which occur in the sport and can be severely damaging to the victim for a huge period of time.

3. Club and country management by players

All over the world, professionals play the game at a club level and then come together to play for their countries every now and then.

As international matches and tournaments are far and few in between, it becomes tough for the players to dedicate themselves entirely to their nation and form natural chemistries with others involved.


4. Slowly turning into a money minded sport

This might not only be the case with football, but it is a trend slowly starting to take over the world. Players have started to look at money before passion and if it continues this way, it will ruin the mindset of the future generations involved with this game and slowly kill it each passing day.


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