Why Is Soccer So Popular Around The World?

Reuters / Toru Hanai

1. It’s a Global Sport

Unlike many sports played in the world, soccer is one that is played in almost every corner of it. While called by different names across many countries, soccer has one of the widest reach in terms of people who are involved in the sport. According to surveys, the sport reaches to an audience mammoth in size with about 265 million players currently active. This number means soccer reaches to about 4 percent of the earth’s population, more than any other sport in the world.

 2. Easy to play

All one needs to play this game is a ball and you’re ready to go. No bats, helmets, racquets, nothing. No fancy rules, no major preparation, just get on the ground or in a small empty space in the parking lot, or anywhere at all.

 3. It is played throughout the year

Unlike other sports having breaks and off seasons, soccer is one that is literally played throughout the year. Be it in Europe or other contents, or playing at International levels with countries, soccer is always available for the viewers to enjoy and the players to be involved in what they love at all times.

4. It is a team sport 

The sport brings together players from around the globe to play together for respective teams. This results in respective fans going together to support a common team. Teams bring along immense fan following and diversity comes together to become one as a fan support club for a particular set of players and unites the world as one.

 5. For all ages

Soccer is a sport defined to no age limit. The best leagues in the world have legends playing at the age of 40 and kids putting up their name in the stars at the age of 16. There are academies and associations which allow kids to be enrolled in while they’re still single digits old. Aged working professionals take to the ground after having hectic days in their work life too.


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