Manager Labels Chelsea Fans As Morons For Their Treatment Of Jose Mourinho During FA Cup Clash

Reuters / Eddie Keogh

Chelsea fans who mocked Jose Mourinho at the Stamford Bridge during the FA Cup game against Manchester United are ‘morons’ says Cardiff City boss.

The quarter-final of the FA Cup saw two of the biggest teams in England come to face to face as Antonio Conte’s Chelsea welcomed Jose Mourinho back to the place of his last defeat in the domestic league.

With tempers flaring everywhere, the game was a bit physical right from the start and it did not come as a surprise when Ander Herrera picked up a red card with almost an hour to play, leaving Manchester United handicapped.

There were a number of other incidents that were embarrassing for both sides but one particular gesture, from the Stamford Bridge faithful has not gone down well with many.

Jose Mourinho, who won 3 league titles in his time in London, was restless at the away dugout and the fans behind him were busy mocking him.

He was constantly frustrated with chants like: f*** off Mourinho” and “Judas” constantly ringing behind the dugouts.

Mourinho did not take it lightly and replied showing them his three fingers, trying to convey that he has won them 3 titles in his time with the club. After the game, Mourinho also went on to say that he will remain the best Chelsea manager till someone wins 4 league titles and declared ‘Judas is no.1’ in his press conference.

Jose Mourinho (2nd L) celebrates with the FA Cup trophy.

REUTERS/Eddie Keogh

Chelsea’s best moments in the last decade have come under the Portuguese manager and Neil Warnock, the Cardiff City boss had something stern to say for the Chelsea fans.

Speaking to he Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast, Warnock said: “You get a few morons everywhere. Some of them just come to do that, and I’m afraid there’s not much you can do about them.

“The majority of them fans know what he has done. Where were they before he came? I can’t remember Chelsea being anywhere. It is disappointing.”

Jose Mourinho has won three Premier League titles, three League Cups and the FA Cup across two spells as manager. So is he the best Chelsea manager ever?


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