Roy Keane Blasts Jose Mourinho: ‘I’ve Never Heard So Much Rubbish In My Life’

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Manchester United legend and current football pundit Roy Keane has hit back at Jose Mourinho for his frequent complaints regarding his team’s fixture congestion.

Following the Red Devils’ 1-0 victory over FC Rostov in the Europa League on Thursday night, Mourinho was heard complaining about the number of games his team has had to play in the recent weeks.

Mourinho was quoted as saying (via ESPN): “We played 11 matches in the last six weeks and it’s going to get worse.

“I don’t understand how we don’t have any help in relation to European football. I’ve said this for many years. I think they don’t give an s*** about the English teams in Europe. They simply don’t care. Every [other] country, they try to help, to give support to the teams in European football.”

The Portuguese also claimed that his team has ‘a lot of enemies,’ and further added: “It’s difficult to play Monday with 10 men, it’s difficult to play now, it’s difficult to play 12 o’clock on Sunday.

“A lot of people might say we should have scored more goals. But a lot of things are going against us. The boys are amazing boys. We will probably lose the game on Sunday [at Middlesbrough]. Fatigue has a price.”

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However, Manchester United legend Roy Keane has blasted Mourinho for these comments, by labeling his excuses as ‘garbage’.

Keane stated on ITV (via Independent): “I’ve never heard so much rubbish in my life – why do we have to listen to that garbage? It’s just utter nonsense, what he’s talking about.

“He’s manager of Manchester United, one of the biggest clubs on the planet – the squad he’s got, the players, and he keeps moaning about fixtures and fatigue.

“We were looking at some of the cup draws they have had. They have had an easy ride in the cups, a lot of good draws, a lot of home draws. The guy is talking absolute nonsense. I never heard such rubbish in all my life.

“Maybe the club is too big for him. He can’t deal with all these demands of the match – what matches? Cup competitions? Man Utd reserves could have won that game tonight.”


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