Ferguson Reveals Why AC Milan Legend Paolo Maldini Rejected Move To Manchester United

REUTERS/Alessandro Bianchi

The legendary former Manchester United manager usually got what he wanted in his time at Old Trafford but he revealed that he missed on signing one Paolo Maldini in his time.

Sir Alex Ferguson, one of the most decorated managers in the world of football, is one of the main reasons for Manchester United’s growth to the top in recent times.

He has won a multitude of trophies in England and remains one of the best manager to have ever grazed the Premier League and his transfers were spot on most of the time.

However, speaking in the launch of the recently announced International Champions Cup launch in New York, Ferguson revealed that he failed to sign one of the best defenders ever in Italian star Paolo Maldini.

Sir Alex Ferguson in the stands.

Reuters / Andrew Boyers

When asked about the time he wanted to sign the former AC Milan man, who was also present at the interview, Sir Alex Ferguson revealed that he was desperate for his signature not too long ago and that he was refused by the father of the player.

He said: “I did try [to sign Maldini] but when I met his father he was quite formidable, I got a shake of the head.

“He said, ‘My grandfather is Milan, my father is, I am Milan, my sons are Milan. Forget it,’ Ferguson revealed.

He also spoke about the important of the pre-season tours in the modern era and also their intensity. He felt that the current crop of clubs have a more intense pre-season schedule where they are not allowed to lose a single game.

“When we went to the States it became more serious. The difference is that we can’t afford to lose to Barcelona or Real Madrid or Manchester City or Milan. The expectation is too big.

“That’s why you always get the full product when Manchester United play in these games,” he added.


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