Which Football Team Has The Most Trophies?

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At the end of the day, sport is all about winning and such is the case with football and the trophies it offers. At club level, there are a huge number of titles up for grabs which are incentive enough for players to give their all for the team they play.

A few teams have mastered the art of winning these trophies and here is a look at some of the most successful clubs in football as we look at which football team has the most trophies?

Football is a sport highly popular all across Europe and there are gigantic clubs playing in different countries of the continent, each practicing to be the best. The major leagues include those played in England, France, Spain, Germany and Italy among the many others present.

As we take a closer look exclusively at all clubs present in these competitions, a few names stand out in terms of the titles they have secured in their bag so far.

Chelsea is a team in England that has won 26 trophies and done the country proud while Arsenal have done better and managed to secure 43 titles, both across Europe and domestically.

The Italian giants from Milan have been a force to reckon with over the past footballing decades as Inter Milan brag about the 37 trophies under their belt while neighbours AC Milan boast a mammoth 47 titles, with seven of them being major European crowns.

But dominance and elite is a category only a few clubs fit in when the topic of trophies comes up. Liverpool were a team that ruled English football in the 20th century and were the most successful club in England in terms of titles until Manchester United came along and recently knocked them off the perch with their latest triumph in the EFL cup this year.

While Bayern Munich remain Germany’s representatives for the team with the most trophies at a total of 66, there is no competing with the two biggest names in the sport that come from Spain, Real Madrid and Barcelona.

While Real Madrid is a club of dreams and every player’s prime aim in his playing days, it comes in second place in the list with a count of 81 trophies including 11 Champions League titles but Barcelona take away the top spot with an unbelievable 86 trophies to it’s name so far.


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