It’s All About Good Guy James McClean

Reuters / Paul Childs

James McClean has had an unforgiving week gone by after the tragic losses of his former Derby teammate Ryan McBride, and also Martin McGuinness,  Northern Ireland’s deputy first minister and his friend.

To add to that, he had to witness the horrific and unfortunate injury to Seamus Coleman during their Republic of Ireland friendly against Wales, which led to a broken leg and a long time exclusion from the game for the Everton right back.

However, good comes to those who do good, and McClean just took a gigantic step towards that as he gathered a few friends to take on a team of children suffering from Down Syndrome.

Oxford Bulls was a team formed by the parents of these children in 2015 in McClean’s home town Derry, and were having difficulty finding opposition until McClean came along.

One of the kid’s father, Kevin Morrison, met with the Irish Independent, and was reported as saying the following: “James used to pop in ask about his son Conan and always said he would pop down to meet the players.

“Out of the blue I got message on Facebook from James himself on the Monday night and he said he would be up on the Wednesday. I thought it was a fake account. There was a mad rush to get them ready. He confirmed it on Tuesday and said he would bring a few mates and give the lads a game.”

Kevin further took to Facebook and posted photos of McClean posing along with the children, and posted a wonderful thank you message for the Irish International.

This happened just a day after Ireland faced Iceland, and hence goes to prove, nothing can stop you from doing good.

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