5 Things We Learned From Manchester United vs West Brom

Reuters / Lee Smith

Manchester United were held to another frustrating draw at home against opponents West Brom on Saturday, as they played out a goalless draw, leaving the hosts 4 points behind the top 4 at the moment.

As the Red Devils dropped another two crucial points at home while West Brom gained a huge one, here are 5 observations one can make from the match:

1. No Zlatan, No Goals

Clearly, Manchester United have been a one man show in the attacking front this season, and the absence of Zlatan and his ability to find the back of the net was surely felt missing as he served his last match ban. With Rashford, Lingard, Mkhitaryan and Martial all playing, none were capable enough to find a winner on a day most needed.

2. Wayne Rooney Not Among The Policies

With such a crucial game at stake and the absence of a number of key players from the squad, one would generally turn to the club captain for immediate help, especially if he is the highest ever goal scorer. But such was not the case with Mourinho and Rooney, as the player was benched until the 70th minute, and this clearly shows the lack of faith the boss has in his skipper this season.

3. Good Defence Wins You Points

Tony Pulis before the match.

Reuters / Peter Nicholls

The Premier League is always praised for its attacking and intense footballing game play, but today, West Brom proved that a good team is one that does its job with a good defence.

Under manager Tony Pulis, who loves defensive football, the away side were fluent at the back and had an organisation many teams should hope to achieve, and also sent out a message to the other teams of how they won’t be a side to be defeated with ease, as Arsenal found out last week.

4. Not Every Premier League Match Is A Spectacle

With all respect to the teams involved and the league they play in, it was a match that stood out as one nobody would really consider watching the highlights of, if there were any. It was played at a dull pace with no real moments of madness or greatness, or anything at all really. Just 90 minutes on the pitch without anything to look back at.

5. United In Trouble

April is the most important month Mourinho faces as the manager of United, as he prepares to take his team through 9 games in the span of 30 days. With a start like this, things don’t seem to be too bright for the immediate future, and something will have to change as soon as possible, as United face tough competition in the form of Everton midweek.


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