‘Wenger In’ Banner At The Manchester Derby

Reuters / Lee Smith

Arsene Wenger has been under heavy scrutiny due to Arsenal’s recent performances, and the club’s fans have been demanding to sack the Frenchman for quite some time now.

Despite serving the club for more than two decades, Wenger has been unsuccessful in bagging a Champions League title. And with the Gunners on course for their worst Premier League finish in two decades, the campaign to drive Arsene Wenger out is in full force.

In recent times, the “Wenger Out” banners have been spotted at events all over the world. Anti-Donald Trump’s rally, World Cup Qualifier between New Zealand and Fiji, World Baseball Classic in Los Angeles, Lacrosse match in Kentucky are just a few of the places where these banners have been seen.


“Wenger Out” banners have become a routine sighting for the fans, but a glimpse of a “Wenger In” banner is surely a scarce one.

Thus, when a “Wenger In” banner glided through the skies above the Etihad, fans at the Manchester Derby were left flabbergasted.

During the opening minutes of Thursday’s mega clash between the two Mancunian clubs, a plane flying over the Etihad Stadium caught everyone’s eye. A trailing banner that read: “WengerIn.com” got the crowd’s attention, especially with all banners supporting the under-the-gun Arsenal boss being a rare sight.

However, the question was: what was it all about?

The brains behind the stunt were none other than the organizers of Manchester’s Parklife festival. “WengerIn.com” redirects to the site for Parklife, a Manchester-based music festival taking place in June this year. Parklife’s Twitter account took full responsibility after the banner went viral.


Written by Sidharth Jindal. Tweet to get in touch with him.


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