Manchester United’s Shirt For Next Season Leaked On Social Media

Reuters / Phil Noble

Manchester United have once again had their prospective shirt for the upcoming season leaked onto the social media.

Be it a celebrity’s personal photographs, a club’s football kit, a player’s buyout clause, or his entire contract altogether – a lot of valuable information has been leaked on to the social networking platform in recent years, thereby alerting one and all that no data saved on an electronic device is safe from the hackers.

And these internet burglars have now victimised one of the biggest football clubs in the world, in the form of Manchester United.

One of the Old Trafford outfit’s three kits for next season has been unceremoniously leaked on Instagram, much to the delight of the club’s lucky fans, who now get to see the shirts their players will most probably don in the upcoming campaign before all the other clubs’ supporters.

The leak has been made by an Insta account based on a South American website that goes by the name of Todo Sobre Camisetas. It consists of close to 40,000 followers, and describes itself as: ‘Best source for new soccer jerseys & new soccer gear’.

The leaked picture consists of a black shirt that the Red Devils will supposedly wear during the 2017-18 season. It looks to be a relatively simple design, and has a dark grey chequered pattern across the front side, which is believed to be partly based on an away kit worn by the ex-United players back in the early 90’s.

It remains to be seen whether or not this shirt does turn out to be an official one, and if it does, chances are it could be either one of Manchester United’s new away kit, or the third kit.


Written by Kunal Kambli  

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