Pogba’s Agent To Bag A Fortune Due To A Secret Clause

REUTERS/Albert Gea

Mino Raiola could make Manchester United cough up £41 million for his role in the biggest transfer of all time.

The world record transfer of Paul Pogba to Manchester United had earned Raiola a mammoth agent’s fee of £23 million, but this striking figure could rise further up to a ridiculous £41 million, if the book “Football Leaks: The Dirty Business of Football” is to be believed.

The book cites that Raiola had a secret clause inserted in Pogba’s contract, which will ask Manchester United to pay him £3.3 million per year for the next five years. The Red Devils were also made to pay an amount of £2.2 million on Pogba’s behalf. Therefore, the total cost of Raiola’s services could stack up to £41 million.

The book, published in Germany, also revealed that Paul Pogba is not earning as much as it was indicated earlier. Pogba gets paid £165,588 per week, a figure much smaller than the previously reported £250k-a-week. However, Pogba will earn an extra annual loyalty bonus of £3.4 million from next year.

Another startling revelation of the book is the humongous salary of Zlatan Ibrahimovic. With an astonishing salary of £367,640 per week, the big Swede is the highest earning player in the Premier League.

It appears that Manchester United are burning some serious cash to restore their glory days.


Written by Shorya Panwar  

Has 20+ years of experience managing Schalke in Football Manager 2017. Believes wing-backs are the most complete footballers in the modern/evolved football. Writes weird stuff on his personal blog.

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