Manchester United’s Season Summed Up Roy Keane Style

Republic of Ireland assistant manager Roy Keane

Reuters / Leonhard Foeger

Roy Keane has been a Manchester United captain, leader, and legend in his playing days, and despite being an excellent footballer on the pitch, he has a bigger reputation of speaking words with no holds barred and brutal honesty off it.

The Red Devils, who spent big in the transfer window last summer, were deemed as favourites to win the title this year, but they are currently lagging behind in 6th spot and trailing league leaders Chelsea by 19 points, with almost no hopes of even finishing in the top 4. One can call this season to be a bit of an underachievement for Mourinho and his men.

Roy Keane was recently filmed while speaking to ITV, and when asked about United’s season description, he had the most Keane-esque thing to say.

The Irishman stated: “For a club like Man United winning the League Cup and the Europa League with the teams that are in it, you’d expect them to do that.”

Roy Keane later went on and mentioned how it would be pushing it too far by calling United’s season successful if they won the Europa League later this month.

While speaking about Mourinho’s excuses and their position in the league, Keane further savagely added: “I think the manager and the players should be embarrassed by that.”

United play Celta Vigo tonight in the second leg of the Europa League final, and only winning this competition will be of some respite for their players to even slightly be able to oppose Roy Keane and his harsh honesty.


Written by Vikram Gupta  

An attacker with his words, and defends each of them with pride. A love for the game which goes hand in hand with his will to forever write. A graduate in the course of advertising and a hopeful to be author. Herrera for the win.

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  1. Bonno on May 12, 2017 at 11:21 am

    Clearly, anybody should have seen the weaknesses in the Manchester United squad from the league table…. inability to convert those many draws into wins. You cannot be embarrassed by what you don’t have… Keane should actually reflect on what happened at Manchester United post the departure of David Moyes… Sale of Robin Van Persie, Danny Wellback, Chicharito, Louis Nani and the subsequent struggles in scoring by Manchester United. Louis Van Gaal achieved position 4 in his first season using pretty much what he found. Then he sold… and then brought many new players but slumped to position 5. That was pretty much his resignation letter. I cannot blame the current coach for Manchester United bosses not bringing him sooner at Old Trafford, when he was available but instead chose David Moyes…

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