Manchester United Need To Be In The Champions League, Says Rio Ferdinand

BT Sport's Rio Ferdinand.

Reuters / Matthew Childs

A Top 4 finish in the Premier League seems to be a far-fetched goal for Manchester United after the Red Devils lost 2-0 to Arsenal last Sunday. Despite having lost just 4 times from the 35 league games played, United still lie 6th in the table.

However, United are currently the favourites to win the Europa League, and having qualified for the final last night, the English club will face Ajax in the final at Stockholm.

And as per one of the club’s legends, Rio Ferdinand, winning the Europa League is a must for United if they wish to play in the Champions League next season.

According to Ferdinand, a top 4 finish for the club seems highly unlikely, leaving Europa League as the only choice for the Reds. The ex-England international also stated that for United to bring in the top players in the summer transfer window, a lot would depend on their Champions League qualification.

Ferdinand stated on BT Sport (via Express): “The implications will be that if they are going for the top level players, top-tier players, the first question they will ask will be are they in the Champions League? Manchester United in that sense need to be in the Champions League.

“Also, this club with this stature, Champions League football is where they need to be sitting. Whether they get there through fourth, which I think is unlikely, or through the Europa League.

“As a player I would want a trophy and I’d be happier to get a trophy through the Europa League than being in the Champions League places.”


Written by Sidharth Jindal  

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