Premier League Return ‘More Than Likely’ For Joe Hart

Torino's goalkeeper Joe Hart reacts.

REUTERS/Giorgio Perottino

Joe Hart is really hopeful for a return to the Premier League next season.

As per Sky Sports, in a recent interview with Soccer AM’s Tubes, the Torino stopper clearly stated that his return to England’s top competition is “more than likely,” when he was asked about his chances to once again play in the Premier League.

He was quoted as saying: “More than likely, I’d say, but that’s me with no knowledge, I’ve got no firm contact with anybody, but whatever I’m doing I’d love to be permanent where I go. If it’s back at Manchester City – which I don’t see happening – then great, but other than that, another loan at my age I don’t think is the right thing for me.”

After Pep Guardiola’s arrival at the club this season, Hart, who had been City’s undisputed first choice goalkeeper since 2007, was dropped to be replaced by former Barcelona stopper Claudio Bravo.

The England international also mentioned about football being a game of opinions, and that the City boss simply had some different ideas. Nonetheless, Hart clearly stated that he had absolutely no ill feelings for Guardiola.

“It was a strange situation; it feels like years and years ago now, because I don’t feel a part of it so much anymore. I’m a player, I give my heart, soul and passion into the team I’m playing for, and at the moment that team isn’t Manchester City,” the Englishman added.

“The manager didn’t want me, so I had to find somewhere else. We obviously had different ideas, the manager who came in came in with a lot of experience, a lot of medals, and I know the club worked really hard to get him. Unfortunately, football is a game of opinions, his opinion isn’t great of me and I kind of smelt that when I came in.

“I think I did, but that’s life, that’s football. He was good to me, he was clear, honest, and I hold nothing against the guy.”


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