PSG Accused Of Being Complicit In Di Maria’s Tax Evasion Scandal

Paris Saint-Germain's Angel Di Maria celebrates scoring their first goal.

Reuters / Christian Hartmann

In the modern era, despite the ridiculous amounts of money they earn every week, footballers seem to feel like they are above the law. Every couple of months, more and more players are being investigated and found guilty for avoiding tax.

The most high profile of the lot, Lionel Messi, has been to court a number of times due to the matter and now his teammate in the Argentina National side, Angel di Maria, has been accused of the same offense.

To make things worse, reports now suggest that his club, Paris Saint Germain, are now being accused of being fully aware and complicit of an arrangement the winger made as part of the scandal.

Di Maria was exposed by Football Leaks back in December for using an offshore company in Panama to manage the money he made off of image rights and sponsors. This meant that he would not have to pay tax in Europe.

The Argentine is said to have been aware that his actions came under tax concealment, but reports have now pointed to an even bigger scandal involving his club PSG.

Di Maria signed for the Paris-based club in the summer of 2015 after a failed spell at Manchester United. One month after he signed for them though, they allegedly signed their own deal with Di Maria’s offshore company.

The report claims the deal stated that PSG were to receive a share of the money that the player kept with the Panama company. It also mentioned that, in exchange for a 30% commission, the club fully intended to ‘help the player develop, negotiate and organise new income-generating activities’.

However, when asked by Mediapart to respond to these allegations, PSG claimed that they had only received a quite insignificant total of €22,500. Despite being exposed, Di Maria is apparently said to still use the Panama company for his financial benefit.


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