Huddersfield Town Seal Premier League Promotion Through Penalty Shootout

Reuters / Matthew Childs

Huddersfield Town have become the new Leicester City in town, as they managed to secure promotion into the Premier League earlier today after being down and out in the previous few years in the bottom leagues of English football.

When manager David Wagner was reeled in last November, the objective was as simple as keeping the side in the championship, and with the odds slightly against him in that situation, gaining top flight status into England’s finest league will go down as one of the finest turnarounds by a team in recent years gone by.

The side had a fairy tale season throughout, which slowly but surely saw hopes of promotion building up towards the end of the campaign – an almost unbelievable feat that was achieved earlier tonight.



In the biggest money match in the country’s sport, Huddersfield were able to tackle away the challenges brought up by Reading in a nail-biting Championship playoff final’s penalty shootout, after the opening 120 minutes were a spectacle not many fans enjoyed watching.

Despite missing the opening penalty, goalkeeper Danny Ward put on the hero’s cape and kept his team in it until the last kick, which was calmly converted by defender Christopher Schindler, as he marked himself into the club’s history books as a legend for years to come.

Controversy around the final and its methods are sure to rise, as a sixth place-finishing side ensured promotion over a dominant third-placed Reading, but none of that will matter to Huddersfield, who are sure to party late into many nights to come, and then pinch themselves to start practicing for Premier League football, which is now a reality waiting to begin.


Written by Vikram Gupta  

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