Dele Alli’s Old Tweet Goes Viral Following England’s Friendly Defeat To France

Dele Alli looks dejected

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While Dele Alli can be considered as one of the better things to come out of the English camp in recent years, his internet past has come back to haunt him, after one of his old tweets have gone viral yet again.

Like every other teenager around the globe, Alli chose Twitter to voice his opinion on football in general. While the 22-year-old took interest in social media and often talked about various incidents, one of them stood out among the others – more so after England lost 3-2 to France on Tuesday.

Taking out from a Twitter post back in 2013, the Tottenham Hotspur midfielder was talking about Paul Pogba.



On first look, it might look as if the English winger is talking negatively about the Manchester United man. But the context rather brings into light how Dele Alli might have an eye for talent and quality when he sees one – this one being for a lad who had just moved to Juventus.

The Turin-based outfit had played against Udinese that day, which ended with a resounding 4-0 victory for the Serie A giants. Paul Pogba, who was 19 then, scored a brace in that game – displaying surprising skill and quality unnatural for a player of his age.

When Dele Alli called Paul Pogba a ‘joke’, he technically meant that the player was surreal in that game, and probably a star for the future.

Since then, Dele Alli has moved on from playing for MK Dons to competing for the Premier League and gaining a Champions League spot for Tottenham Hotspur, apart from being a starter for English National Squad.

Paul Pogba, on the other hand, is currently the world transfer fee record holder, a constant in the French National side, and has had a fantabulous period at Juventus before making a return to Manchester United.

And let’s not forget, both of them share a common love – Dabbing!


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