Don’t Luk Now! Romelu Lukaku’s Horrendous First Touch Goes Viral

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When you sign for the biggest clubs in the world for a potential world record fee, you’re bound to have critics breathing down your neck, analyzing every touch of football you make for your new club. Unfortunately for Romelu Lukaku, his was a touch too far.

On Wednesday, a video began making its rounds on the internet, containing footage of the Belgian striker attempting to bring a ball under his control. However, what really captured their attention was his inability to do so.

Lukaku has always had to deal with constant criticism regarding his woeful first-touch, and it is something he will have to really work on if he is to make it big at United.

The video shows the striker taking part in a few basic training ground drills with his new teammates. However, instead of a regular control and pass move, the 24-year-old’s first touch goes horrendously wrong, and the ball bounces off his leg and onto another teammate.


Twitter, upon seeing the video, erupted as usual. Several taunts were thrown his way, while United were also mocked for spending so much on a player who didn’t know how to get a proper touch on the ball. However, Jose Mourinho is confident that he got the right.

Speaking after the striker’s move to United was complete, the Portuguese said: “Romelu is a natural fit for Manchester United. He is a big personality and a big player. It is only natural that he wants to develop his career at the biggest club.

“He will be a great addition to the group and I know they will make him very welcome. I am really looking forward to working with him again.”

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