Premier League Transfer Window To Close Before Season Starts?

The boots of Hull's David Meyler.

Reuters / Scott Heppell

A meeting between Premier League clubs next month will decide the fate of a proposition that would see the transfer window closed before the start of the season. 

Premier League could bring in a revolutionary change in the structure of transfer window from next season. It is common knowledge that most of the clubs in the English top flight want the transfer window to close before the season kicks off, and now, a meeting is scheduled to make a mutual call.

It is believed that the final decision might be taken after taking a vote from all Premier League clubs in the next shareholders’ meeting in September. If 14 or more clubs out of the 20 agree to the proposed changes, then the transfer window will be restructured from next year.

The idea is supported by most of clubs, but there is still a reservation among some. Some clubs believe that Premier League will be at disadvantage because leagues from other nations would still be able to recruit talent from England.

Swansea manager Paul Clement was quizzed about the proposed change, to which he replied: “Our club would support that decision. The majority of clubs are in favour but maybe all have to be for it to go through. It could happen next year.”

If it comes into effect, the new transfer window would surely be interesting for the fans, with business getting done quicker and earlier.

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Written by Shorya Panwar  

Has 20+ years of experience managing Schalke in Football Manager 2017. Believes wing-backs are the most complete footballers in the modern/evolved football. Writes weird stuff on his personal blog.


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