Here’s How Top European Clubs Could Get PSG Banned From Champions League Over Neymar Deal

New Paris Saint-Germain signing Neymar Jr poses with the club shirt.

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While PSG are in a trance of their own after Neymar’s mega money move, the Times believes that it could end a bit too soon if a top club in Europe appeals to UEFA over a potential breach of FIFA’s fair play policy.

When the Parisian side acquired the services of Neymar in an £198m move from Barcelona, it raised many eyebrows as to how a club with modest revenues could pull off such a gigantic transfer. It has been understood that the Ligue 1 giants need to prove that they receive a big enough income if they wish to remain within the realms of FIFA’s fair play regulations.

In fact, PSG, along with Manchester City, were found guilty of breaching the FFP back in 2014, following which they were forced to reduce their Champions League squad size from 25 to 21.

However, sources believe that if PSG are found guilty yet again, the punishment could be severe. Penalties can include anything ranging from a cap in Champions League squad size to a season long transfer ban.

This is where things get a bit tricky for PSG’s Qatari owners. There doesn’t seem to be a legal way in which they can prove that the club was financially capable of fending for such a magnanimous transfer. So, if a club like Barcelona appeals to UEFA for a possible investigation – which seems highly likely following their dismay over Neymar’s transfer – then PSG could find themselves in a difficult spot.

Apart from Barcelona, other European powerhouses including Real Madrid, Man Utd, and Bayern Munich can also have a say in the proceedings because of the fact that they have strictly adhered to FIFA’s fair play regulations.

The FFP regulations have been put in place so that most clubs can help themselves and keep a check on their overspending. Apart from that, it also aims to narrow down the financial difference between bigger and smaller clubs. If PSG fail to prove the legitimacy of Neymar’s transfer – which they most likely would – they would be subject to harsh penalties.

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