Arsenal Legend Explains One Big Difference Between Mourinho And Wenger

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Arsenal legend Patrick Vieira insists that his former boss Arsene Wenger ought to take notes from Jose Mourinho’s management and mentality.

The Frenchman is one of the most renowned skippers in the Premier League history, having made 279 league appearances under Wenger. Viera was the catalyst of the Gunners’ defensive and midfield mechanism during their ‘Invincibles’ campaign back in 2004.

The Premier League legend now manages MLS side New York FC, and has admittedly adopted the managerial ideals of both Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger since joining the New Yorkers in the winter of 2016.

However, when quizzed about his preference over management style of Mourinho and Wenger, the midfield maestro expressed his admiration for the former Real Madrid boss’ respect for tactical discipline, though he failed to name one of them in particular.

“Would I like my team to be more like a Jose or an Arsene team? I would like to be the balance of both,” the Invincible told The Daily Mail. “I would like my teams to have the discipline that Jose has, but also allow players to express themselves into that discipline like Arsene.

“Arsene always gives freedom to his players. To have that freedom is good but if you can get them to respect the tactical aspect of the game it will be even better. When you talk about Jose, who I had at Inter Milan, he was always focused on the details, giving players information that allows them to go on the field and respect the tactical game.

“Then you have Arsene who is always positive and always giving confidence to the players no matter what. Fabio Capello could be really tough on players. Roberto Mancini would work on tactical work for an hour and a half because the tactical game was important for him. So I take a little bit from everybody and try to use it with how I see the game and how I am as a person as well.”

Arsene and his Arsenal side received a fair cut of harsh criticism following their 4-0 embarrassment against Liverpool at Anfield on Sunday, and they will be looking to improve their recent form after the international break.

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